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yeliz kaya – creating unforgettable experiences worldwide

Turkish-Dutch Yeliz Kaya has always been a creative busybee. First as a landscape artist, but flipping through magazines she grew a fascination for hairstyling. Everything she saw gave her new unique ideas and she decided to change her creative course. She attended a hair styling academy in the Netherlands in 2011 and as she graduated, her success was imminent.

  • Since 2014 educator
  • World wide lessons
  • Since 2020 clothing brand YK
  • Ambassadors all over the world

She was nominated for the Dutch Coiffure Award, she won several Turkish styling awards and she won ‘Lady of the year’ for her hard work and persistence. She found herself at international modelling shoots and fashion shows. ‘It’s all about the creativity’, she felt and people were drawn to that. Everybody seemed to want her way of styling, which gave Yeliz a new idea.

She started Yeliz Caya Education in 2014, so she could teach her popular techniques to a new generation of stylists. Artistic styling and bridal hair styling became her most important courses and by now she has given many workshops worldwide. She always emphasises the total package. Everything has to be perfect, from clothing to makeup to hair. One is nothing without the other.

Yeliz is confident and believes strongly that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. She travels the world designing new hairstyles and teaching people how to create like she does. Like a whirlwind, she’s writing hairstylist history.

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