Accepting Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in a training sessions or course at Yeliz Kaya Education you automatically accept our Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

To register for any course, training session, or private lesson fill out the registration form under the Courses/Register section of our website. In addition to your application you must also submit payment within 5 days of your registration form to bank account NL93 ABNA 0458 1151 42 of Yeliz Kaya Education. You will receive a confirmation of your registration once your application and payment has been accepted.
Yeliz Kaya Education reserves the right to deny entry to any course/session/lesson if payment is not received within 5 days of the date the amount is credited to our bank account and/or the registration date on your application.

Full payment must be received by the end of the course/session/lesson. Each invoice, the amount of which has not paid in full by the due date, shall automatically increase by a fixed and irreducible compensation equal to 10% of the amount due, with a minimum of €40, and without any notice to the student. For late payments, students are automatically in default for all or the remainder of the costs associated with the course/session/lesson, within 14 days after they are due and payable by the student to Yeliz Kaya Education. The student cannot make use of any of the services, or facilities of Yeliz Kaya Education until the debts are paid. Furthermore, any relationship with the student will be terminated by Yeliz Kaya Education for so long as there is a delay in payments. Any diploma/certificate will not be issued by Yeliz Kaya Education for so long as there are delays in payments.

Cancelling, Rights, & Responsibilities
Failure to appear for training/courses/lessons for any reason whatsoever will result in cancellation fees. Cancelling participation of any training/courses/lessons 5 days within registration of the training/course will result in no cancellation fee. Cancellation after 5 days but within 14 days of registration will result in the student paying € 250,– cancellation fee. Cancellation after 14 days of registration will result in the student paying the first term as mentioned on our website in case af a full course and the full course fee in case of a short course or work shop (1,2 or 3 days) cancellation fee. The student will also be responsible for this cancellation fee if the student does not cancel and does not attend the course. If the student delays their participation in a course/changes their course/ or course date the student will owe €25 in administration fees. The student will not be able to participate in the course, a different course, or on a different date until Yeliz Kaya Education receives the administrative fee.

Students who stop attending any course, for whatever reason, are not entitled to a refund of already paid tuition and must pay the remainder of the course fee.

Yeliz Kaya Education can change specific course dates.

Yeliz Kaya Education may cancel a course based on the availability of teacher(s), training room, or insufficient participation. If Yeliz Kaya Education cancels a course the student will receive a refund of the amount paid within two weeks of the date of cancellation.

If Yeliz Kaya Education postpones a course for a later date, for any reason, the student will not be responsible for any cancellation fees. All notifications to students regarding courses being postponed and/or cancelled will be done within 48 hours by email.

Cancellation In The Case Of Illness
If you are ill and unable to attend a course you will need to notify Yeliz Kaya Education by mail accompanied by a statement by the specialist where you are under treatment at the time of your illness with a statement why it was not possible for you to participate with your symptoms that prevents you from participating in the training. Yeliz Kaya Education will review your case and you will be notified when you can catch the classes at an upcoming training/course. Payments for missed trainings/courses will be expected when the student resumes training. If there is no space in the training/course Yeliz Kaya Education will refund the amount paid by the student.

Privacy Yeliz Kaya Education
Yeliz Kaya Education values the privacy of our students and teachers and we do not permit students to record videos during lessons. If there are video recordings made by the student, the student will be fined €250 to be paid to Yeliz Kaya Education.

By registering for a course/training/lesson and by submitting payment to Yeliz Kaya Education you indicate that you agree with the above terms and conditions.