Professional Hair Styling Course

Professional Hair Styling Course

Information Professional Hair Styling Course

This Hair Styling Course begins March 12, 2017 under the direction of creative professional hairstylist Yeliz Kaya.
Register on time to enroll in this course to earn a “Professional Hair Styling” diploma.
Continue reading for more information and program costs.

Training: What techniques are taught?

This program features a wide variety of techniques from the basic knowledge of how to prepare the hair, to intricate bridal styles, the latest trends in hair styling, and Avant-garde looks.
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Session Training

This Course Hairstyling begins on March 12, 2017 and consist of 10 lessons and the exam. Exact course days are listed below.
Lessons are from 10:00 hrs till 16:00 hrs.


The final exam is on Sunday June 18, 2017 During the exam you will get the chance to style the hair of a live model. You will have to arrange for a model through a modeling agency. Click here for tips/questions regarding contacting an agency. A professional photographer will photograph your work. One frame will be chosen as a test picture and you will be given an A4 size photo.


The cost of the styling training is € 2.178,- including VAT and exclusive materials.
The exam fee is € 95,- including VAT.

+Plus Package

The +Plus Package includes a case with a training head with 100% human hair, professional blow dryer, curling iron and styling iron, professional comb, brush and medium blow drying brush, hair fills, volume powder, hair conditioner, serum, hairspray and a combi box with large and small clips, bobby pins, stick pins, hair nets and elastics all at a cost of € 786,50 which can be ordered separately and has to be payd for in 1 term.

Payment Terms

Yeliz Kaya Education offers its students the opportunity to pay the tuition fees in four twice a month installments.
Note: The costs for training is only: € 557,40 per installment.
The total of the training, without the +plus package comes to € 2.229,60 including VAT.

Professional Hair Styling Course - Overview
Subject Information
Start Date March 12, 2017
Exam Sunday June 18, 2017
Duration 10 lessons / 1 exam
Course Dates Sun 12/3, Sun 19/3, Sun 26/3, Sun 2/4, Sun 9/4, Sun 16/4, Sun 7/5, Sat 20/5, Sun 21/5, Sun 28/5, Sun 11/6, Sun 18/6 exam
Course Time 10:00 hrs till 16:00 hrs
Teacher Yeliz Kaya
Degree Professional Hair Stylist
Cost € 2.178,- (VAT 21% incl.)
Installment costs 4 x € 557,40 = € 2.229,60 (VAT 21% incl.)
Pluspackage € 786,50 (VAT 21% incl.)
ContainsPluspackage A case with a professional blow dryer, curling iron, styling iron, practice head with 100% human hair, and many more materials.
Exam fees € 95,- (VAT 21% incl.)

Registration Professional Hair Styling Course - March 12, 2017


In addition to your application you must also submit payment within 5 days of your registration form to bank account NL93 ABNA 0458 1151 42 of Yeliz Kaya Education.
You will receive a confirmation of your registration once your application and payment has been accepted.